Course Title
: Algebra I

Course Level: Honors

Course Description
All of the basic skills and concepts of Algebra are presented. This is a foundation course to prepare students for all subsequent mathematics courses. Topics of the course will include the properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities, operations on polynomial and rational expressions, factoring, functions and their graphs, and problem solving.

Ordinarily placement in this course is determined by the student’s performance on both the St. John’s entrance exam and mathematics placement exam.

Student Learning Outcomes

“Students Will Be Able To”:

1) Categorize numbers; rational, irrational, natural, whole, integer.
2) Evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions.
3) Solve linear equations and linear inequalities.
4) Solve word problems using algebraic skills.
5) Graph linear equations and linear inequalities.
6) Understand the concept of slope of a line.
7) Identify and write systems of linear equations and solve these systems.
8) Perform operations on polynomial expressions.
9) Factor polynomial expressions.
10) Simplify, and perform operations on rational expressions.
11) Graph and solve quadratic expressions, including use of the discriminant.
12) Simplify radical expressions and solve radical equations.

Methods of Assessment
Class lectures include question and answer discussions between instructor and students.
Written homework assignments are given daily including a review the next class day.
Students demonstrate their knowledge at the white board.
Weekly exams/quizzes are given.
Homework Notebook/folders are graded every interim and quarter.

Material for Course
Textbook: Algebra 1: Structure and Method Book 1 
(McDougal Littell)
Graphing Calculator
Pen or Pencil

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Scope and Sequence

Algebra 1

Structure & Method – Book 1

First Quarter


Introduction to Algebra

·         Variable & Equations

·         Problem Solving & Applications

·         Numbers on a Line

Working with Real Numbers

·         Addition & Subtraction

·         Multiplication & Division

Solving Equations and Problems

·         Transforming Equations

·         Solving Problems

·         Problem Solving Skills


Second Quarter



·         Addition & Subtraction

·         Multiplication

·         Problem Solving with Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials

·         Quotients & Factoring

·         Products & Factors

·         Factoring Patterns

·         General Factoring and Its Applications


Third Quarter



·         Algebra Fractions

·         Adding & Subtracting Fractions

·         Polynomial Division

Applying Fractions

·         Ratios & Proportions

·         Fractional Equations

·         Percent Problems

·         Mixture & Work Problems

·         Problems Involving Exponents

Introduction to Functions

·         Using Two Variables

·         Linear Equations

·         Functions

·         Variation


Fourth Quarter


System of Linear Equations

·         Solving Systems of Equations

·         Applications


·         Inequalities in One Variable

·         Combining Open Sentences

·         Inequalities in Two Variables

Rational and Irrational Numbers

·         Rational Numbers

·         Irrational Numbers

·         Radical Expressions

Quadratic Functions

·         Quadratic Equations

·         Using Quadratic Equations

·         Variation

Homework Assignments
(All assignments are due next class meeting unless noted. All assignments are subject to change.)

3rd Quarter ends
on Friday, March 27th

HW Notebooks are
due this week.

Monday, March 23rd
Day 2
B, C, & D Blocks
Read Section 8-3
HW #9
Pgs. 363-364
3-39 (mult. of 3)

Tuesday, March 24th
Day 3
B, C, & D Blocks
Read Section 8-4
HW #10
Pg. 368
3-39 (mult. of 3)
Pg. 370
3-15 (mult. of 3)
Review for Test
on Sections 7-9 & 7-10

Wednesday, March 25th
Day 4
B Block & C Block
Review for Test
on Sections 8-1 & 8-4
D Block
No Class - Rotate Out

Thursday, March 26th
Day 5
B Block
SECTIONS 8-1 to 8-4
C Block
No Class - Rotate Out
D Block
Review for Test
on Sections 8-1 & 8-4

Friday, March 27th
Day 6
B Block
No Class - Rotate Out
C Block & D Block
SECTIONS 8-1 to 8-4