Welcome to the page for A.P. Modern European History (Sophomores)

This is the page for Advanced Placement Modern European History students to find procedures, the newest syllabus, assignments, and useful links.

Procedures & Syllabus

APMEH Procedures

AP Syllabus into December

Grading Procedure Explanation

Grammar Rules to Ensure Proofreading


AP Block F

 AP Block G

Helpful Websites:

AP Central--all the information you could want about the AP Exam

Fordham's Primary Source Website--the best online

BYU's World War I Document Website--superb

A History Portal for Websearches--better than Google

 European Art Gallery

Another Art Website

Do you need a Recommendation?

Mr. Abdella has specific procedures for any recommendation you might ask him to write (e.g. for guidance, college, a scholarship, etc.). I will not write a college recommendation for a student who does not seek me out at the end of his junior year for a guidance recommendation (you have been so advised). Download my recommendation procedures here:  Recommendation Procedures