378 Main

Dear Saint John's Families, 
For those of you who I may not have already met, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Liz Withers, I am the Director of Communications here at Saint John's. On any given day, you might find me snapping photos at a school event, posting to our social media accounts, working with the local media to promote Saint John's, or designing the pages of an upcoming magazine. 
To put it simply, I love my job. I have the ability to wear many different hats and to serve ALL of the SJ networks from students and parents, to alumni and friends. Having just completed my first full year here at Saint John's, and with a better understanding of our communities, I am amazed, every day, that we all seem to share one common sentiment...
Our students are proud to be Pioneers. Their parents, even more proud. Our faculty and staff are proud to call this "work" and our alumni, proud to call Saint John's home. It is infectious. People want to be here. We have a truly incredible thing going. 
In an effort to make it easier for you, our parent community, to stay informed and participate in the many exciting events happening here on campus, we have created a new platform to distribute important news, upcoming events, recent event recaps, athletics records, and any other information that we think you may find useful and interesting. 
With that being said, I am, well, proud to introduce: 378 MAIN.
378 Main, a name derived from our Shrewsbury street address, is our new current events newsletter that will be delivered to your e-mail inbox each Friday afternoon. It will replace the monthly Principal's Update and the various single-message e-mails you currently receive. It is our hope that this single-voice, streamlined, and consistent communication effort will prove helpful as you work to coordinate busy schedules and learn more about what is happening here at 378 Main every day.
I welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you around campus in the near future!
Proudly Yours, 
Liz Withers
Director of Communications
Saint John's High School