Diversity and Inclusion at Saint John’s High School

Called by our faith and inspired by our mission, Saint John’s High School believes that each individual – student, faculty, staff, parent, guardian, board member, alumnus - is created uniquely in the image and likeness of God. Deeply rooted in our tradition as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we are committed to “respect and appreciation for individual differences” and “the idea of the interdependence of individual members” of our community (Saint John’s Mission Statement). We believe that by celebrating our individual gifts and differences, we are embracing and reflecting the motto of the Xaverian Brothers, “In harmony small things grow.” It is within this light that we have assembled a Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce at Saint John’s High School.

Mr. Alex Zequeira, Headmaster, and the Board of Trustees, have charged the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, comprised voluntarily of approximately fifty students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and other community members, to reflect on the following question: How does our mission-related value of respect and appreciation for individual differences manifest itself at Saint John’s? Over the next five months, Taskforce subcommittees will consider and reflect upon this question, as well as many others, as they seek to generate a detailed list of initiatives and action items to ensure that each and every member of the Saint John’s community knows they are loved and valued.

Contact & Updates

In order to share the good work being done, the Taskforce will post periodic updates for the community.

Please feel free to send any comments or questions to Mrs. Pam LaBove, Director of the Annual Fund and co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, at plabove@stjohnshigh.org.

Task Force Committees

List of 6 items.

  • Co-Curricular Activities & Programs

    Jared Magsino ’17, subcommittee co-chair
    Stephanie O’Donnell, Director of Library, subcommittee co-chair
    Chuck Abdella ’92, History Department
    Chris Alfonso ‘18
    Zach Boisvert ‘18
    Ben Burns ‘17
    Jonathan Crowley ‘18
    Chris DeWolfe ‘17
    Pat Duffy ‘17
    Dion Holden ‘18
    Kenny La ‘16
    Devi Sundaresan P’15, P‘20
    Ganesh Sundaresan P’15, P‘20
    Edward Tonelli ’82, Science Department
    Chris Whelan, Campus Ministry
    Brian White ‘17

  • Culture & Identity

    Eric Butler ’02, Director of Advancement, co-chair
    Tim Canfield ’96, co-chair
    Patrick Dolan 'H, World Language Department (retired)
    Jennifer Donabed, Registrar
    Connor Murphy '17
    Ronald Pena '17
    Kim Savoy P’20
    Linda Whitney P’12, Business Office
  • Curriculum

    Kevin Browne, Religious Studies Department, co-chair
    Jeanne Depasse, Interim Principal, co-chair
    Matthew Barrett '17
    Michael Hughes P’16,'19
    Richard Iandoli '65
    Janice McNeil P’19
    Esperanza Oliveras-Gualdarrama P’12
  • Leadership

    David Bouffard '92
    Bob Spellane P’15,’18,'20
  • Marketing & Communications

    Warren Hayden ’81, P’12, ’13, ’18, Director of Alumni Relations, co-chair
    Justin Smith, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, co-chair
    Steve Davis ’90, Science Department
    Muhammad Farrag '17
    Allen Jarrell P’12,'15
    Syon Khosla '19
    Matthew Hastings ’89, History Department
    Emily White, Director of Communications
  • Student, Faculty, Staff Recruitment & Development

    Cedrick Boursiquot ’09, sco-chair
    Paul Brule ‘86, Director of School Counseling, co-chair
    Abhijit Chakladar P’20
    Richard Joseph '18
    Devin McCarthy '18
    John Morse ’89, Academic Dean
    Edward Shoro ’07, Mathematics Department
    Yachira Torres
    Debra Williams P’13,'18
    Vance Williams P’13,'18