A Letter from Our Headmaster

Dear Saint John’s Families,

I continue to hope and pray that you and yours are healthy and well.
On July 10, we announced our intent to return to in-person instruction at Saint John’s this fall and held a Virtual Town Hall meeting the following week with over 350 families in attendance. Today, I share with you our official 2020-2021 Return to Campus Plan. I am grateful to the dozens of our community members who have contributed to this plan. It is a plan that reflects our current thinking and continues our intention to be responsive and responsible to the current COVID-19 pandemic and to prioritize the health and safety of our community.

Our Return to Campus Plan lays out our intention to return in-person with a remote access option this September as well as all-new protocols and procedures that will make this return possible. 
As the American Academy of Pediatrics recently shared, “children learn best when physically present in the classroom” and “returning to school is important for the healthy development and well-being of children.” Additionally, Johns Hopkins University’s eSchool + Initiative in their recent white paper The Ethics of K-12 School Reopening: Identifying and Addressing the Values at Stakestated, added:

"Physical health is one important component of well-being, but so too are mental health, behavioral development, learning, social connection, and physical and economic security. All aspects of the well-being of children must be considered as districts think about both when and how to open schools."

I am very proud that our plan takes into account all of these components of well-being and the unique context of COVID-19 rates in the Commonwealth and in our community - specifically the 65 cities and towns where our students reside - our unique campus physical plant, culture, and all of the risk-mitigating strategies we are implementing to create the healthiest campus possible. The plan also relies on school, home, and students doing their best, following the rules and expectations, and making the right decisions - decisions that do not just impact the individual or the family, but our whole community. 

I know our Pioneer community is ready for that challenge, and it is our commitment to continue to build and strengthen our community as we renew friendships and relationships and create important new ones as well. Saint John’s High School is one of the greatest communities I’ve ever been a part of. It is that community that binds us together and creates the enduring personal relationships and the brotherhood that has been a hallmark of our school for 122 years.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe and stay well.

God bless,
Alex Zequeira P’19

Important Dates to Know

July 10 - Initial Reopening Plan Announced

July 15 - Return to Campus Virtual Town Hall Meeting

August 12 - Reopening Plan Update

August 18 - Virtual Town Hall Meetings for Students & Parents/Guardians

August 24 - 27 - Optional Colleague Professional Development Training Workshops and New Colleague Orientation*

August 25 - 27 - Saint John’s Leadership Institute (SJLI) Senior Retreat

August 31 - September 2 - Colleague Professional Development and Meetings

September 3 - Full-Day Orientation for ALL Grade 7 and ALL Grade 12 Students

September 4 - Full-Day Orientation for ALL Grade 8 and ALL Grade 9 Students

September 8 - Full-Day Orientation for ALL Grade 11 Students

September 9 - Full-Day Orientation for ALL Grade 10 Students

September 10 - First Day of School for All Students

*Colleague and Student in-person and virtual orientation and meeting schedules will be released on 8/20.

Return to Campus Communications

Family & Student Return to Campus Plan & Announcement - Sent via email on Friday, August 14, 2020.