Course Registration 2020-2021


The following materials will assist you with course registration for next year: 

1. A Course Registration worksheet on which your teachers will circle and initial the suggested level placement for each class that you choose. (Colored paper) 

2. The lists of Course Offerings for next year (by Grade) posted on the Saint John’s Website. 

Selecting Major Academic Courses and Physical Education: 

All students must be scheduled for at least six courses per semester plus physical education. 

In general, you should select courses in Religion, English, Mathematics, History, Science and World Languages. All students should follow the recommendation of their current teachers and closely review the prerequisites listed for each course, as some courses may require prerequisites or other qualifications. 

Students who are interested in Symphonic Band, Concert Band, String/Chamber Orchestra, Chorus, or Guitar Ensemble may choose these classes as a seventh course, after audition results are determined. 

Sophomore students should choose a seventh course in Computer Science, from the menu of one semester courses. In addition, sophomores may select a seventh one semester course from the Fine Arts Department, or a second course in Computer Science. 

Junior students may choose to take a seventh course from the Computer Science or Fine Arts Departments. (Excluding AP courses) Please be advised that these courses may preclude attendance in the college placement Junior Seminar Course offered second semester. 

Senior Students are required to take two half-year Religion classes. There are four Religion Course Offerings for Students. Students may choose only one of the Ethics courses, and should rank the Religion courses in order of preference. Students will be assigned to two of these courses in order to be fully scheduled. 

Selecting Elective Courses and Alternates: 
Rising Juniors must choose one full year elective or two half-year elective offerings. Seniors must choose three electives to fill their schedule. 

Please note that when registering students for half-year courses, we reserve the right to change semesters to preserve class balance. In such cases, students will not be notified. 

In Class Pre-registration – teacher signatures will occur during class on March 10th through 12th. 

***All scheduling forms are due by Friday, March 13, 2020 to your Homeroom Teacher.**** 

AP Classes:
All AP courses require an application form. The forms may be obtained from the School Counseling Office. The completed Application form(s) (yellow paper) must be returned to your Homeroom Teacher by Friday, March 13, 2020. 

The target date to open the portal for Preliminary Schedules will be May 29, 2020. Please review the schedule, and contact your school counselor if you notice any errors. The teacher, school counselor, Department Chair and/or Assistant Principal for Academics must approve any changes in the schedule. Schedule change forms will be available in the Counseling Office and the Studies Office. 

In August, you will receive your actual schedule with Physical Education, resource periods, teacher names, and room assignments. 

***When school begins only three types of course changes will be considered: 

1. Level changes with signature of teacher, parent, school counselor and Assistant Principal for Academics.
2. Changes in elective courses, which do not require movement of any major course.
3. Additional courses for any student lacking required courses.
4. Course changes, i.e. drop/add may occur during the first two weeks of school. 

Please see your school counselor if you have concerns or questions. 

N.B. Please note that students will be responsible for completion of summer reading for any course into which they enroll. 

N.B. Please note that courses will run provided that there is sufficient student interest. 

AP Course Policy 
  • Students enrolled in an AP Course are required to take the corresponding AP Examination(s). 
  • Each AP Exam presently costs $94, which is billed through the Business Office.
  • Please refer to the Advanced Placement Policy in the Course Description Booklet. 
All AP students will be required to complete an online enrollment form using their College Board account information by October 1, 2020. Failure to complete the online enrollment form by this deadline may result in a late registration fee of $40 per exam. Withdrawal from an AP course after November 15 will incur a $40 cancellation fee. 

As with any elective course, we cannot guarantee enrollment in an AP course. Prior to textbook purchases and summer reading, students should confirm enrollment in an AP course with the Assistant Principals for Academics.