Students are expected to work quietly and show respect and courtesy to others in their area. Students must also treat library materials with care. Saint John's Computer Use Policy is in effect at all times and applies to library computers and personal devices.


Cell phones are not allowed in the library during school hours, 8:15-2:18. Cell phones may be used before and after school, but must be set to silent mode. Answering and talking on your phone is never allowed. Headphones are allowed before and after school. They may be used during the day for school work only if approved by a librarian. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the Library Media Center.


Students may borrow books for a three week period and renew for an additional three week period. A late fee of 10 cents per book per school day will be charged. Students who lose books will be billed for the cost of the books.

Computer Use

Read about Saint John's High School's policies regarding acceptable computer use.


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