Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Equipment and Facilities
The computers, local hard drives, network drives, user accounts, personal drive space and their contents are all property of Saint John’s High School. As such, this property will be checked by a member of the Technology Department in the company of a school Administrator without notice, in order to maintain compliance with this acceptable computer use policy. Privacy of information stored on school property should not be expected.

User Name and Password
All students are issued a user name and a password. Network activity is tracked by user name, therefore, this in formation must be kept private and confidential. Any violation of this Acceptable Computer Use Policy attributed to a student’s user name will result in disciplinary action being taken against that student.

Students are prohibited from doing the following on school computer equipment and/or personal electronic devices:
Damaging, changing, or tampering with any part of the school’s computer system, hardware or software. Copying copyrighted software,

Using, altering, creating, or distributing a password not specifically issued to the student,

Adding, deleting, or altering files or installing programs without the Technology Department’s permission, Engaging in non-academic uses of the computer system, such as game playing and chatting,

Accessing or storing illegal or explicit material or material that is potentially harmful to the user, the computer system or others, Using the Internet or e-mail to solicit or conspire about illegal activities,

Making harassing, threatening, prejudicial or discriminatory statements over the computer system,

Accessing, storing, transmitting or distributing offensive, indecent, obscene or pornographic materials in any form,

Storing, transmitting or distributing protected material without the written consent of the holder of the protection rights,

Circumventing or attempting to circumvent the security measures on any school computer,

Introducing any form of computer virus to any school computer,

Using the computer system or the Internet for commercial gain, political purpose, or to advocate violence or discrimination.

Procedures For Alleged Violations
Students or faculty members who have discovered a possible violation of the Acceptable Computer Use Policy should report it promptly to the Dean of Students Office. The alleged violator will be referred to the proper authority for investigation.

Limitation of School Liability
Saint John’s High School is not responsible for a student’s exposure to inappropriate or unacceptable material, and cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of any information found on the Internet. The school is not responsible for damages which may occur as a result of interruption of service or loss of data, or financial obligations which result from unauthorized or improper use of the network or the Internet.

Additional Rules and Regulations
Before using the computers at Saint John’s High School, users must sign a statement as evidence that the student has read, understands, and intends to comply with these policies, and all other related policies.

The presence of food or drink in the vicinity of the computers or computer related equipment is forbidden.

If a user is concerned that their password is no longer secure, then see the system administrator for a new password.
Saint John’s High School provides computer resources to enhance the educational experiences of its students. Students are expected to exercise their privilege to use these resources in a manner consistent with the Mission of the school, existing school policies and the policies of our Internet service providers, as well as all Federal, State and Local laws. Any activity that is unethical, illegal, disruptive, offensive or mischievous is inappropriate. The student is ultimately responsible for his conduct on the system, and will be held accountable for his actions while using any facet of the computer system at Saint John’s.