Applying to SJ

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

Academics at SJ

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Do students have any choice when determining their freshman year schedule?

    Saint John’s has a core curriculum in place, in order to challenge students each year and prepare them to be successful for college-level work. Freshman students’ preferences are taken into account when determining their World Language course and their Fine Arts course. Students may choose to take French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese; and Studio Art, Introduction to Theater, or Music as a Fine Arts core.
  • Q: How are students’ level placements determined?

    Saint John’s places students into three different levels for curriculum, starting in the freshman year – Level II, Level I, and Honors. Based upon a student’s performance on the Entrance Exam, we will place him into courses with other students scoring at a similar level. In cases where a student’s Entrance Exam performance and classroom performance differ greatly, we may seek more information from the student and his parents, or current teachers and school officials, in order to make a more informed level recommendation.

School Life at SJ

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Sports are a big part of my son's life right now. I cannot imagine that he would be happy if he were not able to play his favorite sport in high school.

    Athletics is a big part of the Saint John’s community and yes, it is competitive. Saint John’s offers 18 different sports at the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels, and has at least 2 no-cut sports for each season. There are no “throwaway” sports at SJ, as every sport has strong expectations for sportsmanship and success.

    Encourage your son to try out, because he may make the team of his dreams. If he does not, then he may find that he enjoys or is even better at one of the other sports in the school.

    Many Saint John’s High School students find that sports were not as important to them as they grew older as they seemed when they were 13 and in junior high. Many students pursue other extracurricular interests once in high school and they are proud to flourish in areas other than athletics.
  • Q: Are there transportation options for students living farther from SJ?

    Yes. We facilitate a fee-based bus service to school for certain Central Massachusetts and MetroWest communities, if enough families sign up to bear the cost of the route. Routes are subject to change each year based on the needs of our riders.

    Most students come to Saint John’s by car. Saint John’s provides a phone and address listing of families in the school community through the annual “Redbook,” once we know who will be attending for the year. This helps families greatly in setting up carpools with other students in their town or neighboring towns.

    Saint John’s opens campus at 6:45 and remains open until 5:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to come early and stay late, if it makes transportation more convenient.