Updated Policies for 2020-2021

Dear Saint John’s Prospective and Incoming Families,
I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy, and in good spirits. Know that we, as an entire community, continue to pray for all of you and all in our Pioneer community.
Right now, you may find yourself feeling worried or concerned about loved ones in your life at a time of great health and financial uncertainty. With each passing day, it becomes increasingly possible that someone in your life will be affected by COVID-19 and many individual and family financial situations have changed. At this time of the great unknown, we want to provide support and an offer to work with you to ensure that your student and your family will receive the Saint John’s education you are hoping for.
Over the last two weeks, our Admissions Office received a few calls and emails expressing concerns about our stated enrollment deadline. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal with many new challenges, Saint John’s remains committed to ensuring families do not face these challenges alone.
Saint John’s seeks to ease the anxiety experienced by families who want the best education for their young men but are uncertain about the security of their employment and finances as a whole. As a result, we are making a one-year change in the following admissions and enrollment policies and practices:
  • Beyond the deposit of $500, tuition payments made until September 1 are fully refundable (normally, tuition is refundable only until August 1).
  • As things change financially in your family, we ask that you keep us informed so we can help with adjustment to aid packages and bridge grants to assist with tuition payments.
While the situation can easily cause us to feel helpless and uncertain, we hope that these changes will lift some of your burden in these trying days. As a student once said at an all-school assembly, “at Saint John’s we take care of business and we take care of each other.”
While we are here for you and your family, also remember to be there for yourself. If you practice self-care, you will be available to others. Prioritize your well-being. Then, check-in with your loved ones and offer them the support they need.
We look forward to working to take care of each other in the weeks and months ahead.
Be well and God bless,
Alex Zequeira P'19

Upcoming Events & Information

Middle School Student & Family Visit Day - Virtual
Tuesday, April 28
4:00 - 5:00 PM
Current Student & Parent Panels - Virtual
Wednesday, April 29
4:00 - 4:45 PM (Students) & 5:00 - 5:45 PM (Parents)
More details and registration information for both events to follow.

Working With You

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