Office Hours

Following Jesus’ lead, the campus ministry staff endeavors to be ‘approachable’ on any given topic—by creating an atmosphere in our offices in which each young man is both free to be himself and also welcome to speak openly and honestly about what’s going on in his life.  The campus ministry offices are staffed during each class period, as well as before and after school.

Big Red/Little Red

Over one-hundred-twenty members of the senior class each year volunteer to serve as Big Reds.  Big Reds  are ‘senior mentors’ at various times throughout the year, essentially ‘brothering’ members of the freshman class (Little Reds) through particular events and activities—most especially by serving as tour guides at freshman orientation, facilitating small groups on the Freshman Retreat, coordinating games on Freshman Fun Day before the Homecoming Game, and heading-up small group work on the Freshman Day of Information.

Homeroom Ministry

As an extension of the Big Red / Little Red program, twenty seniors are selected to serve as ‘homeroom ministers’ to each of the ten freshman homerooms.  Through their weekly visits, homeroom ministers provide a ‘ministry of presence’ to our youngest Pioneers, fostering personal relationships that aid in the transition to Saint John’s.

FDI (Freshman Day of Information)

In recognition of the fact that, for good or bad, our society is now calling upon teens to make tough social and moral choices at increasingly younger ages, Saint John’s offers a Freshman Day of Information.  Typically, the day includes interactive presentations by organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, the Shrewsbury Police Department (Traffic Stop), inmates from Fort Devens (often those incarcerated on substance violations), and the Massachusetts State Police (Seatbelts).  The day concludes with small group discussion and reflection, led by senior Big Reds, and with a freshman class liturgy.  The day aims to provide each Saint John’s student with more of the essential information he needs to make some tough personal decisions about weighty issues during his high school years, and hopes as well to establish an open dialogue among students and faculty about those issues.