At Saint John's, our academic day ends at 2:18 PM. Involvement in Clubs and Activities is a perfect way to continue pursuing your interests, develop lifelong friendships, and further engage with the Saint John's community. 

We encourage all students to get involved after the final bell rings to further expand their horizons beyond our core academic curriculum.

Adiitional information regarding extracurricular clubs and activities is available in the Student Life Office.


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  • Bowling Team

    Moderators: Mr. Christopher Whelan & Mr. Jim Woodmansee

    Saint John’s Bowling Team competes in the Worcester County USBC High School Bowling League (Ten Pin).  Bowling occurs during the winter sports season, beginning after Thanksgiving and continuing to the state meet during the first weekend in March.  The team practices once a week and competes in meets on Friday afternoons, all at AMF Auburn (101 Southbridge St).  We host numerous teams in various levels of competition.  All are welcome, regardless of experience or skill level!
  • Breakfast With Books

    Moderator: Mrs. Stephanie O’Donnell

    Breakfast with Books is a student short story club that meets every other friday morning from 7:30 to 8 in the library. The group meets to discuss short stories that are not a part of the curriculum. Members share conversation over breakfast.
  • Chess Club

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Gualtieri

    The Chess Club invites students of all skill levels to learn, practice, and compete in Chess. The Chess Club is open to chess players of all skill levels. During the year, the Chess Club will host a chess tournament that is open to all faculty and students. The winner of the tournament will be recognized as Saint John’s High School’s “Grand Master.” Learn chess and compete with your friends!
  • Chinese Club

    Moderators: Ms. Dao Wu, Mr. Michael Marsan

    The Chinese Club is the perfect way to learn more about the culture, music, art, literature, and history of China. Students have the opportunity to examine different themes through weekly meetings and activities, including field trips to museums, restaurants, theaters and culture centers, and through travel experiences. The club sponsors an annual “Chinese Cultural Festival” and is open to all students.
  • Climbing Club

    Contact person: Diane Mulligan

    The Climbing Club is an intramural sport. Participants meet at Central Rock Gym in Worcester for practices on Mondays and Wednesdays, with optional captain's practices on Friday. Club members have occasional opportunities to participate in competitions and to take excursions to outdoor climbing areas. Note: This activity is made available to Saint John’s students by Central Rock Gym. Participants are supervised and coached by members of CRG’s staff. Saint John’s is not affiliated with CRG.
  • Computer Gaming Club

    Moderator: Mr. Greg Blondin
  • Entrepreneurial Studies Club

    Moderator: Mr. Chris Benestad

    The Entrepreneurial Studies Club brings in speakers to talk with students about what it means to be an entrepreneur and about their experiences. There is an annual competition where students design and present a business idea or product and are judged by a panel of local business professionals.
  • History Club

    Moderator: Dr. Russ McClintock

    The History Club at Saint John's is an informal, noncompetitive group of students who enjoy reading and discussing history from all regions and time periods.  Students select their own topics of interest and present their findings to the club.  Recent topics have included the Swedish Empire, Japanese Imperialism in the 20th century, and the dropping of the atomic bomb.  Members also enjoy holding debates on topics selected by the group as well as playing history-related trivia games and other activities.  Meetings are held after school on Fridays, and attendance is purely voluntary.
  • ICON

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Smith

    The ICON is a student literary magazine. Student editors select and edit poetry, fiction, essays, and artwork to create a highly polished literary magazine. The ICON is a showcase for a community of creative thinking at Saint John’s.
  • Improv Society

    Moderator: Mr. Fred Borchelt

    The Improv Society is a popular club on campus that is open to all students who enjoy acting, humor, and improvisation. Members of the club are involved in various aspects of improvisational theater. The Improv Society puts on two featured shows each school year.
  • Intramurals

    Moderator: Mr. Kevin Browne, Mr. Steven Favulli

    The intramural program is open to all students. In line with the mission of Saint John’s, the intramural program helps foster the physical and social growth of our students. The program offers a variety of organized sports which include basketball in the fall, and flag football, softball, and street hockey in the spring
  • Investment Club

    Moderator: Mr. John Berger

    The Investment Club provides students with the opportunity to learn real-life investment strategies, while participating in a simulated market with their own investments. Students will study market trends, the causes of rises and falls in the marketplace, and become proficient in their understanding of the art of investment.
  • Math Team - Freshman

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Gualtieri

    The Saint John’s Math Team enhances the problem solving abilities and further develops the mathematical talents of our students. The team competes on a local, regional, statewide, and national level. Competitions include the Worcester County Math League, New England Math League, Math Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition, State and New England math meets, Purple Comet Math Contest, WPI Competition, and the American Mathematics League Competition.
  • Math Team - Varsity

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Gualtieri

    The Saint John’s Math Team enhances the problem solving abilities and further develops the mathematical talents of our students. The team competes on a local, regional, statewide, and national level. Competitions include the Worcester County Math League, New England Math League, Math Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition, State and New England math meets, Purple Comet Math Contest, WPI Competition, and the American Mathematics League Competition.
  • Mock Trial

    Moderator: Mrs. Carol Fredette, Mrs. Joanne Diaz

    The Mock Trial is a club sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association in which students study and prepare to present legal briefs in a courtroom setting. Students work intensely with several local attorneys in preparation for competition.
  • Model United Nations

    Moderators: Mr. Charles Abdella, Dr. Russell McClintock, Mr. Steven Favulli

    One of the most popular and longest-running clubs at Saint John’s, Model United Nations is a club which is interested in debating and resolving issues which face our world. The club simulates the real U.N. and discusses international affairs while working together to broker reasonable solutions to complex problems. MUN hosts a regional conference in October for nearly 400 area high school students and competes at the Brown University Conference in November and the University of Chicago UN Conference in February.
  • Mon Cercle Français (French Club)

    Moderator: Mr. Ben Lizotte

    “Learn a Language Live a Culture” is the motto of Le Cercle Français. The World Languages Department believes that language cannot be learned in a vacuum. Language is rooted in art, in music, in theater, in cuisine, in cinema and in traditions. One does not learn a language to use it. One uses a language to learn it. Le Cercle Français is therefore an extension of the classroom environment, providing students the opportunity to use their language skills in an enriched cultural setting. Every French student is considered a member of our French Club. Events are scheduled each month. Past events include dinners at French Restaurants in Boston, French Art exhibits at the MFA, and always trips to France and Québec!
  • Mountain Biking Club

    Moderator: Dr. John Morse

    All students interested in Mountain Biking should consider joining the Mountain Biking Club. The Mountain Biking Club plans routine trips to various State Parks and other trails to engage in the exhilarating sport of mountain biking. If you enjoy the outdoors and riding your bike, the Mountain Biking Club is for you!
  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    Moderators: Ms. Margie Coggins, Mr. David Wentzell
  • Philosophy Club

    Moderator: Dr. Michael Colebrook

    The Saint John's Philosophy Club meets weekly to explore the greatest ideas of the greatest minds. In a Socratic spirit, students read short excerpts of original texts from the major figures in the history of philosophy. We seek to cultivate wonder in the pursuit of wisdom, carrying on the contemplative tradition, of which Xaverian education is a part. Depending on the year, students explore ancient, medieval or modern thinkers' views on the various questions and disciplines within philosophy: epistemology, natural philosophy, metaphysics, logic, and especially politics and ethics. While grounded in the Western tradition from Plato and Aristotle through St. Thomas Aquinas, we explore the Eastern traditions also, and look for common themes between cultures. New members are always welcome throughout the year, as the Great Conversation which began thousands of years ago continues today at Saint John's.
  • Photography Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Michelle Michel

    The Photography Club helps bring together students who cherish the world of photography. The club meets once a week to discuss both the art of photography and to compare pictures that have been taken over the last couple of weeks. The goal is not to have the best pictures each week, but to learn from one another about what makes for a good picture. Members learn to establish different techniques of photography by using different shutter speeds, focal lengths, and ISO speeds to their own liking. The Photography Club gives its members the opportunity to tell a story with their pictures and keep memories forever, as a picture truly speaks a thousand words.
  • Ping Pong Club

    Moderator:  Mr. Jim Woodmansee, Mr. Kevin Browne
    The Ping Pong Club is open to all students interested in playing table tennis. Students gather weekly to relax with friends and improve their skills.  No experience is necessary, paddles are provided. New members are always welcome.
  • Politics Club

    Moderator: Mr. Christopher Whelan

    Are you interested in politics?  Do you want to know more about this topic?  Do you enjoy debating with people of other viewpoints?  Then Politics Club is the club for you!  Every week, students gather to talk all things politics on Mondays at 2:30 in room 207.  Discussion can range from intense, yet respectful, debate to cordial and calm conversation.  So mark your calendar, bring a friend, and come on down to Politics Club!
  • Powerlifting Team

    Moderators: Mr. Steve Davis, Mr. Greg Blondin

    Powerlifting is a team activity coached by Mr. Davis. Training begins in early October for the January meet held on campus which begins the competition season. Competitions continue through the Massachusetts State Meet in May. The primary lifts associated with powerlifting include squat, bench press, and deadlift.
  • Prism

    Moderators:  Ms. Stephanie O'Donnell, Ms. Linda Whitney, Ms. Jennifer Wig

    PRISM is a Student Resource Group for LGBTQ+ students and all those who support them. Join us to build community and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. We meet every week on Wednesdays at 2:45. We hope to see you there and new members are always welcome.
  • Public Speaking Club

    Moderator: Mike Aristide

    The Saint John’s Public Speaking club allows students to have the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve upon their ability to speak publicly. This club was created in the hopes that students will become more confident and comfortable in public environments. Because of the world in which we live nowadays, public speaking is a skill that is used in every job. This club meets every other week with different activities including randomized speeches, on the fly thinking, and real presentations. Students in this club will also receive constructive criticism from their fellow members on what they did well and what they could improve upon. A major priority this club targets is having members be leaders in the school community by speaking at all school events and open houses.   
  • Python Club

    Moderator: Mr. Greg Blondin

    The Python Club is a place where people with similar interests in computer science are gathered to experiment with programming and to expand one’s knowledge of technology. The Computer Club also participates in the annual WPI Programming Competition.
  • Robotics Club

    Moderator: Dr. Edward Tonelli

    Saint John's has a robotics club for people who want an introduction to robotics, as well as for students with experience but who cannot commit to the rigorous time commitment required of members of the FTC Pioneer Robotics team.  We meet once a week after school and solve problems with CADing, building, and programming.  We work with traditional REV and TETRIX parts and 3-D print our own parts.  Most of our work is with wheeled robots that can perform simple skills, but we are beginning to experiment with some simpler drone technology, too.  All comers are welcome. 
  • Saint John's Network

    Saint John’s Network (SJN)

    The Saint John’s Network (SJN) is a student-organized, video-journalism club dedicated to showcasing the unique life at Saint John’s. The club meets weekly to collaborate, plan, script, film, and produce video news clips that are published on SJ's YouTube Channel (Saint John’s Live). SJN gives its student-journalists the opportunity to explore interesting topics and have fun sharing those stories with the Saint John’s community. 

    Interested students should reach out to Mr. Woodmansee for more information.
  • Science Club

    Moderators: Mrs. Meta Foster and Mr. Stephen Devaney

    The Science Club gives students an opportunity to explore topics in science beyond what is
    taught in the school’s curriculum. It is open to interested students of any grade level. The
    Science Club will allow students supervised time and space to carry out independent research
    projects for publication and/or to be entered into science fairs and other competitions. It will also
    look for opportunities to engage younger students in the wider community through science and
    discovery. Finally, it will present lectures by visiting scientists, plan visits to research facilities,
    and host small group discussions on specialized topics.
  • Select Jazz Combo

    Moderator: Mr. Jim McCluskey

    The Select Jazz Combo performs  a variety of different styles of jazz music. These styles include blues, shuffle, ballad, latin, and rock. Students work on improvisation and arranging tunes from the "Real Book" 6th Edition.  Finally, the members of the Select Jazz Combo prepare for performances at concerts, jazz festivals, and school events such as the S.J. Gala.  Members are selected based upon their musical skills and their participation in a school performing ensemble:  the Concert, Symphonic, String, or Guitar Ensemble.
  • Ski Club

    Moderators: Mr. Will James and Ms. Diane Mulligan

    Students with any interest in skiing or snowboarding are encouraged to participate in the Saint John’s Ski Club. During each ski season, the Ski Club engages over 150 students. The club’s activities include a six-week after school program at Wachusett Mountain and four separate weekend day trips to other New England resorts, including Loon Mountain, Mount Snow, Sunday River, and one overnight weekend trip to Smuggler’s Notch.
  • South Asian Alliance Group

    Moderator: Mr. Renju Paul
    South Asian Alliance Group (SAAG) celebrates the diversity of students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The club is open to all who are interested in learning about South Asian cultures. We gather second Thursday of each month to celebrate the religious and cultural holidays of the people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sree Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. 
  • Spanish Club

    Moderators: Mr. Bolivar Vivanco, Mr. Michael Aristide, Mr. Albert DeLuca

    All students taking Spanish at Saint John’s are encouraged to participate in Spanish Club activities. The club provides students with an opportunity to experience various aspects of Spanishspeaking culture. In the past, the Spanish Club has organized trips to flamenco presentations and plays, Latin-American and Spanish celebrations and dining experiences featuring Latin-American and Spanish cuisine, and various other events throughout the year. The Spanish Club also sponsors a trip to Spain every other summer
  • Strategy and Gaming Club

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Marsan

    The Strategy and Gaming Club is open to all students interested in games and activities that have logic, reasoning, and good strategy as their central tenants. Students gather weekly to collaborate and play such games as Risk, Magic the Gathering, and Settlers of Catan. Come and learn a new game, or bring your favorite to share and teach others.
  • Student Activities Council (SAC)

    Moderators: Mr. John Berger, Mr. Ed Shoro

    The Saint John's Student Activities Council is tasked with creating, organizing, and implementing school-wide events that bring the school community together.  This group is elected by the student body and consists of three seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores.  Typical annual events include a dodge ball tournament, a flag football tournament, school dances, pep rallies, tailgating events, Thanksgiving Food Drive, and a blood drive.
  • Student Diversity & Inclusion Committee

    Called by our faith and inspired by our mission, St. John’s believes that each individual is created uniquely in the image and likeness of God.  Deeply rooted in our tradition as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we are committed to respect and appreciation for individual differences and the idea of the interdependence of individual members of our community.  We believe that by celebrating our individual gifts and differences, we are embracing and reflecting the motto of the Xaverian Brothers, “In harmony small things grow.” It is within this light that we gather as the St. John's Student Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Student Wellness Team

    Moderators: Mr. Chris Cowan, Mrs. Brenda Hayden

    The Student Wellness Team provides school wide activities to educate students in issues of mental health. The core focus is to promote mental wellness and shatter the stigma often attached to mental illness. Students are invited to join a weekly conversation and collaborate with peers in sponsoring meaningful programs. This year the group will also periodically co-program with Project Purple (the Chris Herron project) to message wellness…living a substance-free lifestyle.

    The Student Wellness Team is a member of the SHINE Initiative, a community-based organization which sponsors student wellness teams throughout Central MA. The purpose of these organizations is not peer counseling or mental health support groups. Education, empowerment and overall wellness campaigns are the goal of this student group and their faculty moderators.
  • Studio Art Club

    Moderator: Mr. Michael McMenemy

    The Studio Art Club provides an additional opportunity to foster the formation of the creative and aesthetic side of the student. It is available to art students and students unable to fit art into their schedule. All participating students have space, materials, and guidance to work on projects and be creative.
  • The Herren Project

    Moderators: Ms. Maggie Basmajy, Mr. Sean Hastings
    The Herren Project educates students about the dangers of substance use. The initiative helps students make positive life choices for their health and empowers them to stand up and make a difference.
  • Theatre

    Moderators: Mr. Nathan Colby, Mr. Richard Monroe

    Saint John’s Theatre produces three fully staged shows each year.  Traditionally a Fall Musical and Spring Play are mounted in the new Robert R. Jay Performing Arts Center with full fly space and lowered orchestra pit.  A more intimate Winter Play is produced in the Saint John’s Black Box theatre, allowing students to further develop their technical and performance skills in a concentrated environment.  All Saint John’s students are encouraged to get involved with the theatre productions and can take part as an actor, member of stage crew or set construction.  High School age girls from the surrounding communities are encouraged to audition and all students are led by professional staff. 
  • Tri-M Society

    Moderator: Mr. Jim McCluskey

    The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a National Association for Music Education (NAfME) program that recognizes outstanding music students in secondary level school. Tri-M activities increase students' school and community involvement with musicTri-M members are selected based on their academic and musical achievement as well as on their strength of character. The Music Honor Society is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.
  • Worcester County Young Writers

    Moderator: Mr. Michael Curran, Ms. Diane Mulligan, Ms. Katherine Guercio

    The Betty Curtis Worcester County Young Writer’s Conference is a day-long event for 7-12th grade students from across central Massachusetts. During the day, students work in small groups with successful local writers and the day culminates in a keynote address from a nationally recognized writer. There is a leadership team of 8- 10 students who run the conference which draws over 100 students. The conference allows our students to interact with their peers from across the area who share a love of writing.
  • Yearbook Committee

    Moderators: Ms. Maggie Basmajy, Mr. Renju Paul

    The Yearbook Staff plans, develops, lays out, and publishes the Saint John’s High School Award Winning Yearbook. Tasks include writing and editing; planning the layout of the yearbook; developing the theme, end sheets, and divider pages; and taking and captioning photographs. All those who are interested in graphic and computer design, all artists, and anyone who just wants to take part in chronicling his time at Saint John's High School are encouraged to join.