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The Health Office is excited to announce that we are transitioning to an online database to manage your son's student medical record.

For the upcoming school year and moving forward, the Health Office at Saint John's will be shifting all student medical information to an online database called Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record). There are many benefits to this change including less paperwork for parents to complete each year and having the most accurate information accesible to the appropriate staff while at school.  We expect the SMR to launch within the coming days, all new and current families will be receiving and email soon with more information.

The Health Office provides nursing care to Saint John's students and communicates changes in medical status to parents, physicans, and medical personnel to ensure safety and comprehensive healthcare.  We maintain confidentiality of medical issues, implement plan of care as directed by physician, administer medications, and assess health status of students.

Below is a list of information and/or documents that will need to be completed online within your son's Magnus Health SMR account.  Please review and gather these items in anticipation of the launch date.  Your son's Student Medical Record should be completed by August 1.

New Students:  Parents and/or Guardians, please contact your son's current school nurse and advise the nurse that your son will be attending Saint John's High School next year.  The School Health Record that the nurse maintains will need to be transferred to Saint John's school nurse.  These records contain health information that are separate from the academic record.

Physical Examination Form -  A VALID PHYSICIAL MUST BE UPLOADED FOR ALL STUDENTS THIS YEAR DUE TO THE LAUNCH OF MAGNUS HEALTH - A valid physical is due upon admission.  If your son is participating in athletics, a valid physical is due annually.  Physicals are valid for 13 months.  We will accept your physician's standard form.  All completed forms will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Immunization Form -  Immunizations may be listed on your son's Physical Examination Form or may be a separate form.  All students must show documentation of having received all required immunizations.  This completed form or Physical Examination Form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Over-the-Counter Medication Authorization - This will be completed online within Magnus Health.  This authorization will allow the nurse to administer over-the-counter medication to your son during the school day as needed.

Allergy Action Plan Form - If your son has a life-threatning allergy that would require an EpiPen, an allergy action plan with signatures by both the prescribing physican and parent/guardian along with medication orders for EpiPen administration must be submitted to the health office.  An EpiPen will be kept in your son's backback and a back up in the health office.  We will accept your physician's standard form.  This completed form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Asthma Action Plan Form - If your son has asthma, an asthma action plan signed by both the prescribing physican and parent/guardian must be submitted to the health office.  We will accept your physican's standard form. This completed form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Diabetes Action Plan Form - If your son has diabetes whether on a pump or injections, we will need physician orders for glucose testing and insulin administration.  We will accept your physician's standard form.  This completed form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Seizure Action Plan Form - If your son has a seizure disorder, we will need physician orders for medication and/or an action plan.  We will accept your physician's standard form.  This completed form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Prescription Medication Order Form - If your son requires daily medication during the school day, please obtain a Medication Order from the prescribing physician.  This order must be signed by both the physican and parent/guardian.  Medications must be in their original container with your son's name, dosage instructions, and Physician's name.  The directions on the container must match the physician's written order.  We will accept your physician's standard form  This completed form will be uploaded online within Magnus Health.

Concussion Form - This form, online course and exam is required ONCE a year for student athletes and a parent/guardian.  A parent/guardian must complete the course titled "Concussion in Sports", students must complete the course "Concussion for Students".  You can access the concussion course at www.nfhslearn.com . Upon completing the online course and exam, please save and/or print out the certificate of completion for both student reflecting the course "Concussion for Students" and a parent/guardian reflecting the course "Concussion in Sports" as this will be uploaded within Magnus Health.

Pre-Participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form - This online form must be completed by a parent/guardian of each student participating in athletics PRIOR to the start of EACH athletic season.

All forms that will be needed can be found within Magnus Health.  Please do not mail or drop off forms as all will be uploaded within Magnus Health.  This is a time of transition and I am here to help, please don't hesitate to contact the Health Office.  Email is the most efficient during the summer months.  If you have technical questions, please contact Magnus Health directly.  

Julie Loomer, RN
School Nurse
  • jloomer@stjohnshigh.org
  • Phone: (508) 842 - 8934 x288 
  • Fax: (508) 842 - 3670

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What immunizations are required for school? Where can I get them?

    This varies according to your son’s age. The nurse will review your son's immunization record to make sure your son's immunizations are up-to-date and notify you if your son needs additional vaccines for school.  Please contact your son's physician for immunizations.
  • Q: Can my child carry his asthma inhaler in school?

    All students may carry an inhaler with written parental and health care provider’s permission. The nurse, parents, and physician must be confident that the student can properly use the inhaler and contact the nurse or parent when used daily. The student should let the nurse know when the inhaler is used in order that the nurse can further assess.
  • Q: What health information is shared with my child’s teachers and coaches?

    Health information is kept confidential and shared with others only when necessary to protect the safety and promote the education of your son. The nurse will obtain your permission before sharing health information, except in an emergency situation. Although parents or students often share health information with school staff, this information is not shared unless there is a need for staff to know and then only with your permission. Confidentiality of medical information is protected by law and the School Nurse is careful to guard your son’s privacy.
  • Q: My child is planning to travel out of the country, what immunizations do I need, and how do I obtain them?

    With the exception of seasonal influenza vaccines, the Division of Public Health no longer offers travel or routine vaccinations. Please contact your primary care provider to obtain routine immunizations. 

    Travel immunizations may also be obtained at the following locations by appointment; restrictions apply. Please contact the individual agencies for more information and schedule appointments at least 6 weeks in advance. Prior to the appointment at the Travel Clinic, contact your physician for a copy of current immunizations and bring them to the appointment. Please call the Travel Clinic as soon as possible to start immunizations to allow them time to become effective.
  • Q: Can my child carry his Epi-pen in school?

    All students who have a life-threatening allergy are advised to carry their Epi-pen on them in their backpacks at all times. The nurse, parents, and physician must be confident that the student can properly recognize a reaction, alert teachers and the nurse of a reaction, and know how to use the Epi-pen.  If an Epi-pen is used, then 911 must be called as well as the parents.
  • Q: Where can I find information on the Travel Clinic?

    UMass Memorial Travel Clinic (Adult Only, 18 and older)

    Memorial Campus
    119 Belmont Street
    Worcester, MA 01605

    M-F: 9:00AM-5:00PM
    Phone: (508) 334-5481 

    Harrington Memorial Hospital
    Preventative Health Department
    100 South Street
    Southbridge, MA

    Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10:00AM - 3:30PM
    Phone: (508) 765-8196

    UMass Memorial Center (Children's Travel, <18 years of age) 
    Benedict Building/Pediatric 
    55 Lake Avenue North 
    Worcester, MA 0165

    Wednesdays:1:00PM - 2:30PM
    Phone: (774) 442-5695

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