Indoor Track Overview


Head Coach:
Dr. Tim Hilliard (

Assistant Coaches:
Mr. Michael Hoogasian
Mr. Mark Sullivan

The track team meets daily in the gym at 2:30 for practice. The last day to join the team this season is Tuesday, December 10th.

On Thursday (December 12th) Marathon Sports in Shrewsbury (White City Plaza) will offer a 20% discount to SJ track team members and their families. We will have a short practice that day, so that for convenience sake, younger team members who are being picked up can drive directly to Marathon sports before going home.

To be clear, you DON’T have to race in track shoes; it’s not a rule at any meet we will attend. I understand that every additional expense adds up, and for younger guys who may or may not stay with the sport, it’s your choice whether to purchase them. However, they’re clearly a lot faster than running in typical training shoes. It can also be confusing to purchase for those new to the sport, as there’s a big difference between a distance shoe, a middle distance-shoe, long sprint shoe, short-sprint shoe, jumping shoe and throwing shoe.

So Thursday between 3:30-5:00 represents a good opportunity to get advice from the store employees, as well as the SJ coaching staff, who will be present at that time. The discount extends to family members and on all clothing as well. So even if you’re not interested in purchasing track shoes, you might find it worth your while for other items.

Come have some free pizza on Marathon Sports.

Coach Hilliard


Junior Varsity & Varsity

There are no cuts based on athletic ability, however regular attendance at practices and meets is required to be a member of the team

Practices will routinely run from 2:45-4:30, although we will be done earlier on occasion.

Training shoes, spikes, throwing shoes for throwers. Specific shoes for sprinters, distance runners and throwers are not mandatory but may often improve your performance. Please speak to one of the coaches if you're thinking about purchasing such shoes.

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