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  • Founders Hall

    Saint John’s High School is constructing a new academic and fine arts building set to open in September 2015. The 48,000 square-foot, three story facility will house the Performing/Visual Arts, World Languages, and a portion of the Social Studies Departments.

    This facility, and most importantly the instruction and learning that takes place within its walls, will help the school more fully live out our mission of educating the whole person through an expansion of the arts, and will allow Saint John’s to more fully address the Xaverian call to be global in nature – through furthering of world languages. Founders Hall will provide an appropriate teaching and learning environment commensurate with the level of education being offered and serve the strategic plan which calls for Saint John’s to remain a school of 1,000.
    Michael Welch ’78, the school’s headmaster, remarked that “this state-of-the art-facility will transform our campus and educational offerings for generations to come.”

    Saint John’s contracted Justin, Pope, Frazier LLC to design the new facility. Lauring Construction Co., Inc. is serving as construction manager for this project.

    What will be in Founders Hall?

    Highlights of the new building include a state-of-the-art 350-seat Performing Arts Center equipped with orchestra pit and state-of-the-art fly, lighting, and sound technology, music practice spaces, a two-story band room, art studios, a cutting edge World Language and Graphic Arts computer lab, and 14 additional classrooms.
    The origins of “Founders Hall”

    Founders Hall will honor Saint John’s roots on Temple Street in Worcester. The name recognizes the four Xaverian Brothers who arrived in Worcester in 1894 to staff the boys division of the Saint John’s grammar school led by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at the time. Founders Hall also honors the thousands of young men who attended the Temple Street campus before Saint John’s relocated to Main Street in Shrewsbury in 1961.
  • Ryken Center

    Ryken Center was built in 1998 as a Library, Performing Arts and Science Center. It is a three level building with approximately 44,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

    This building includes a Library & Computer Lab (32 computers), Performing Art Spaces including the Black Box Theater, and Visual Arts Atrium as well as 4 Classrooms, 3 Science Labs, Remillard Hall and support space
  • Conal Hall

    Conal Hall was built in 1960 and was the first classroom building at the Shrewsbury campus. The building underwent a major renovation in August of 2008.

    It is a two level building with approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of floor space.
    This building includes 28 Classrooms, 2 Computer Laboratories, Campus Ministry, Visual Arts and support spaces.
  • Salem Student Commons

    Salem Student Commons was constructed through a renovation and expansion of the School Cafeteria. The cafeteria was built in 1963 and the renovation and expansion was completed in 2006.

    It is a single level building with approximately 12,203 sq. ft. of floor space.
    This building is an integral part of Conal Hall and is used primarily as the school cafeteria with a seating capacity of 300. The building is also used for various functions and other school activities.
  • Coaches Pavilion

    The Gymnasium was built in 1962 and has 11,000 sq. ft. of floor space. It was extensively renovated in 2004. The Physical Education locker and Shower Area was built in 1962 and has 4,840 sq. ft. of floor space. The Math Annex and Weight Room was built in 1997 and has 3,996 sq. ft. of floor space. The Varsity Locker Room was built in 2002 and has 1,212 sq. ft. of floor space. These areas include four different levels with approximately 23,768 sq. ft. of usable floor space.
    These areas are an integral part of Conal Hall and include three classrooms and space for 1732 lockers.
  • Xaverian Brothers Hall

    Brother’s Hall was built in 1961, and served as the Xaverian Brother's Residence until 2011. In 2011, the building was completely renovated to house the Headmaster's Office, Advancement Office, Counseling Office, Technology Office, and other support/office spaces.
  • Manor House

    The Manor House was built in 1914 as a residence with approximately 4,070 sq. ft. of floor space. Originally called the "Dunmorlan Estate," the Xaverian Brothers of Worcester purchased the structure and surrounding land in the 1950s as a way to expand the school. It was renovated in 2011 for use as the Xaverian Brother’s Residence.