Saint John’s High School is a six-year college preparatory school for young men.  Founded by the Xaverian Brothers in 1898, Saint John’s remains committed to the Xaverian educational philosophy as a Catholic educational institution. This commitment includes respect for the dignity of all through our foundational belief that individuals are created uniquely in the image and likeness of God and, as expressed in the Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers: 

“You were created by the God of be a unique expression of that love. It is through you that God desires to manifest Love to the people of the world in these times and to offer them the freedom of the children of God.”

Our mission, founded in our Catholic faith and inspired by the vision and values of the Xaverian Brothers, calls us to prepare our students and graduates to live and work with, and also respect and appreciate individual differences and those that comprise the larger community. As a result of this mission-driven commitment,  Saint John’s High School is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to all federal and Massachusetts laws concerning equal opportunity and affirmative action in the workplace.