1. MAIN OFFICE (high school, 1st floor)
    Administration, Principal (1st floor)
    Admissions and Enrollment Management (1st floor)
  2. MAIN OFFICE (middle school, 2nd floor)
    Administration, Assistant Principal (2nd floor)
  3. Administration, Headmaster (1st floor)
  4. Basketball Courts (multi-sports)
  5. Blackbox Theater (lower level)
  6. Buildings and Grounds (1st floor)
  7. Business Office (1st floor)
  8. Campus Ministry (2nd floor)
  9. Coaches Pavilion (gymnasium, 1st floor)
  10. Communications (1st floor)
  11. Etre Conference Room (2nd floor)
  12. Gregory Academic Center (2nd floor)
  13. Information Technology (lower level)
  14. Institutional Advancement, Alumni (lower level)
  15. Kenary Gallery (1st floor)
  16. Lauring Conference Room (1st floor)
  17. Makerspace for Engineering & Robotics (lower level)
  18. McCarthy Library (2nd floor)
  19. Pioneer Shop (bookstore, 1st floor)
  20. Remillard Auditorium (1st floor)
  21. Remillard Family Atrium (1st floor)
  22. Robert R. Jay Performing Arts Center (1st floor)
  23. Salem Student Commons (cafeteria, 1st floor)
  24. School Nurse (health office, 1st floor)
  25. Student Counseling (high school, 2nd floor)
  26. Student Counseling (middle school, 2nd floor)
  27. Student Life (1st floor)
    Athletics (1st floor)
  28. Tennis Courts
  29. Weight Room (1st floor)


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