Diversity & Inclusion at Saint John’s High School

Called by our faith and inspired by our mission, Saint John’s High School believes that each individual – student, faculty, staff, parent, guardian, board member, alumnus - is created uniquely in the image and likeness of God.

Deeply rooted in our tradition as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we are committed to “respect and appreciation for individual differences” and “the idea of the interdependence of individual members” of our community (Saint John’s Mission Statement). We believe that by celebrating our individual gifts and differences, we are embracing and reflecting the motto of the Xaverian Brothers, “In harmony small things grow.”

With zeal, we strive for justice and engage in community building with the fostering of compassion for all. 

Saint John’s believes that it is in the unity of our diversity that we find humility and build trust in order to develop an atmosphere in which the dignity of each person is nurtured and valued through respect and understanding. 

Statement of Non-Indifference

At Saint John’s,
We are called to be unique expressions of God’s love.
We join together in fellowship, brotherhood, and mutual obligation.
We are part of a community where all are known, valued, and empowered. We strive to engage, understand, and appreciate all members of our school and greater community. We stand together to confront the challenges and know the joys of life.
We endeavor to bring our whole selves to campus every day.
We hold ourselves and each other to a high standard of respect, social justice and accountability. We stand in solidarity with the marginalized.
We act inspired by our faith and according to our Xaverian values.  
We do what we believe to be right, not just what is easy.
We are non-indifferent.
We are the Saint John’s community.


To learn more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Saint John's High School, please contact Mr. Jacob Kelley '10:

Jacob Kelley '10
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator
508-842-8934 ext. 244