The academic curriculum at Saint John's High School is a demanding college-preparatory program. The program prepares the student to make intelligent decisions regarding his future in higher education. Although much is made of the subject areas covered and even subject choices made during the four years - and this is important - it must be kept in mind that the goal of the academic education at Saint John's is the fullest development of the intellect of each student using subject matter as tools to attain this end.

The Saint John's Descriptive Catalog is an overview of our entire Academic Curriculum. It includes a description of the overall curriculum and information on courses, organized by department. The Disciplinary Benchmarks  list the goals that each department seeks to achieve in its students throughout the school year. The Academic Curriculum is geared to educating the complete young man - both human and spiritual. Saint John's is an academic institution whose orientation is toward the preparation of students for success in a college environment. Programs are provided designed to fit the potentials of the students, and in order to maximize the effectiveness of instruction and study, the Administration and Staff have developed three levels of College Preparatory Curricula. Those students who perform exceptionally well are recognized on the Honor Roll, compiled each quarter of the year. Also, students with high academic aptitude may be inducted into the National Honor Society. In the past decade, Saint John's has had over 500 Advanced Placement scholars and 100 students have received National Merit recognition. Information on specific academic policies and regulations is available in the Parent & Student Handbook. See also the Saint John's High School Profile and our College and University Attendance

The faculty at Saint John's are in the process of creating webpages for their own classes. These Faculty Homepages include information on current projects in the classroom, homework assignments, and some even include tests and quizzes that students can take online. Students are guided in their academic endeavors by their teachers and by their counselors in the process of Academic Counseling.