Faculty Authors

Did you know that four members of the Saint John's faculty are published authors?

History teacher Chuck Abdella '92, history teacher Russell McClintock, and English teacher Diane Mulligan spent some time in McCarthy Library on Thursday, October 29, 2015 with a group of students, fellow teachers, parents and alumni sharing their own experiences in writing and the world of publishing. 

They each spoke about the journeys that led them to pursue writing and how they maintain their interest in and diligence with writing.

Diane Mulligan

For over a decade, Diane Mulligan has been teaching English at St. John's High School. She is also the director of the Betty Curtis Worcester County Young Writers Conference. She writes realistic, contemporary fiction. Kirkus Reviews called The Latecomers Fan club "an  often entertaining novel about how life can turn out when careers and marriages don't happen as planned."

Fellow faculty member and author Chuck Abdella said of The Latecomers Fan Club, "This is a wonderful novel and most readers should find the challenges faced by characters to be comfortingly familiar, yet strikingly original." Kevin Browne of the Religion department wrote, "I had picked up The Latecomers Fan Club on Sunday afternoon and did not put it down until the following night (after a pesky day of classes getting in the way). I tore through the book, engrossed by the clear pose, the engaging characters, and the multitude of sharp insights into what the life of twenty- or thirty-something looks like today."

IndieReader described Watch Me Disappear as "a wry, entertaining portrayal of modern teenage life," and Owen Adams, class of 2015, said, "One of the best indie books I have come across."

Russ McClintock, Ph.D.

Russell McClintock, history teacher and chair of the Social Studies department, earned his Ph.D. in United States history from Clark University. His book on the causes of the Civil War, Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession, has been praised by Civil War scholars and popular readers alike. Chosen by the History Book Club as a Main Selection, it was voted by the Club’s readers Best Civil War Book of 2008. Dr. McClintock writes for both scholarly journals and popular Civil War magazines, and several of his essays on secession were published in the New York Times’ “Disunion” series. He is currently researching his next book, a study of Lincoln rival Stephen A. Douglas.

• “Shrewd, nuanced, and definitely worth reading.” —The American Historical Review

• “A highly readable, thoroughly researched, and welcome narrative. . . . McClintock's book has set a high standard – indeed, a Lincolnian one.”- Civil War History 

• “[McClintock's] analysis is exceptionally clear and well written, easily accessible to the layperson
as well as the scholar; it stimulates thought about the nature of leadership and crisis management.”

Chuck Abdella

History teacher Chuck Abdella has spent many long hours in the embrace of ancient and medieval civilizations. Studying all that history, telling stories as a teacher, and seasonal world-saving have all inspired his writing. Chuck has written poetry and prose for at least 25 years and has been published by the Saint John’s ICON, the Boston College Stylus, Worcester Magazine, and The Boston Globe. THE OUTCASTS is his first novel.

• “This is a great book. Combining classic fantasy elements and themes with witty dialogue and unexpected revelations this is a book for the ages. The book’s exciting plot is only surpassed by its powerful message of tolerance which is so relevant in the modern day. Beneath the Wizards, Elves, and Morphs this book is remarkably human and connects with the reader.”- Zach C on Amazon

• "…THE OUTCASTS is the definition of a page turner. Just finished it today and I cannot wait for book two!" -Christian S on Amazon.

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