Counseling Services

The primary goal of the School Counseling Department is to support the student in his educational and personal development. We strive to provide personal and academic counseling that enables the student to utilize his talents and make intelligent and wise decisions for the future. 

The role of the School Counselor at Saint John's is to 
 1) advocate for students, 
 2) counsel, consult, coordinate, and collaborate with students, parents, and school staff to support academic achievement, 
 3) help students prepare for future endeavors in academic, career, and personal and social areas.
School Counselors are available for individual counseling sessions as necessary. After each interim and quarterly report, students in scholastic difficulty are seen as soon as possible to address the areas of concern. When personal or family issues seriously interfere with academic progress, school counselors will evaluate the situation and attempt to support the student accordingly. In some cases, a referral to off-campus professional counseling will be made. The Counseling Department works in close cooperation with the Campus Ministry Department regarding matters of student safety and support. The Campus Ministers are readily available for pastoral counseling. The Counseling Department also collaborates closely with the Academic Deans Office and the Dean of Students Office when necessary.

The greatest strength of the School Counseling Department is the effort of each member to make him or herself available to the needs of the students before, during and after school. Counselors also welcome the opportunity to meet with parents to discuss student academic progress and post-secondary plans.  

The School Counseling Office is a source of valuable information and support for the student as he progresses through his educational career. 

Saint John’s offers a course of study which is directed toward entrance into college. College is not seen as an ultimate goal in itself, but rather an important step in the process of forming an educated person. The college preparatory nature of the curriculum at Saint John’s is made clear to the student from the time he enters, and in the middle of his junior year his counselor begins to assist him in the work of choosing a college. We have compiled a directory of Internet links to provide you with further information on  College Placement, including information on standardized tests, information about getting into college, and a calendar of when representatives from colleges are visiting Saint John's.

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