Empow STEM Camp

This program is not being run by Saint John's High School, but they will be using our space on campus over the summer.

Please click below to find out more information about this exciting STEM camp!

(Or you can browse their websites listed below:
Empow Home Page: http://empow.me
Empow Camp Page: http://empow.me/camp)
Camp dates:
July 15-26

Empow Studios brings technology, arts, and play together to help young learners discover and build on their creative talents.

Empow's Tech & Design Camp is the one camp to rule them all: Video Game Design, Robotics, Coding, Animation, 3D Modeling & Printing, DJing, and other exciting projects are all fair game. Whether it’s building a working guitar made of LEGO MINDSTORMS, designing an action-packed video game to challenge friends with, or creating an animated mini-movie, the options are limitless and the learning doesn’t stop! We teach the nuts & bolts behind these subjects, and campers use their imagination to make their project come alive.

Empow’s Minecraft Camp is the ultimate week-long learning adventure! Our camps are tailored to all skill levels, whether you’re just starting out your explorations or you already know you’re way around creepers. We start by introducing campers to Redstone, a special kind of element that mimics electricity almost perfectly. Campers of nearly any skill level can have fun building circuit boards making simple computers inside Minecraft. As they master Redstone skills, we offer challenges that teach key concepts in programming, design, electrical engineering, and architecture, all while using teamwork and social skills. It’s the perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity.

Both of these camps are either in your town or right around the corner! Empow will be running camps in Boston’s Back Bay, Belmont, Brookline, Cape Cod, Lexington, Newton-Needham, and Westford.

In Empow’s home studio in Lexington, we host an After-School Club, weekend technology clubs, vacation & summer camps, one-day NanoCamps when schools are closed, birthday parties, and more.

Learn more at http://empow.me/camp or visit us at http://empow.me.