OneCard Policies & Procedures

In order to maintain efficiency and security when utilizing the OneCard for on-campus purchases, students must abide by the following policies and procedures. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in loss of OneCard privileges or other disciplinary consequences. 


When making any kind of purchase on campus, a student must always utilize his own card.  Your card, your photograph, your money!  Once money has been added to your account, it may not be “cashed out” from your card.  At the end of the year, any remaining funds transfer over to the next school year.


In the event that a student does not have his card, he will be unable to purchase items on campus that day.  

If the card is lost, the student should immediately “lock” his card via the website and/or notify the Assistant to the Office for Student Life (ext. 221).  

Replacement cards may be purchased for $10.  


Students are required to add funds to their account online.  If a student has insufficient funds on his account, he may see the Director of Food and Beverage to make a one-time purchase as a credit. Students must add funds to their account by the next school day. 

Students who are financially unable to purchase breakfast should see the Assistant Principal for Student Life for more information.  

Please note that due to numerous security and safety issues, students are no longer allowed to use their card to make purchases for other students.