SJ Pre 9th - Math & English (4 Week)

COURSE NAME: SJ Pre 9th - Math & English (4 Week)

AGE GROUP:  St. John’s High School students entering 9th grade

The Pre 9th Summer Studies Program, for students entering the ninth grade at Saint John's in the Fall, is designed to solidify the educational background in English and Mathematics and to acquaint students with the demands of a college preparatory high school curriculum. 

It is highly recommended and encouraged to all incoming members of the SJ Class of 2026.

(NOTE ... SJ students looking for “Level Placement Adjustment” for their freshman Math and/or English courses MUST take the 4-Week program in order for this to be an option.)

In order to acclimatize students to the demands of a college preparatory high school curriculum, students in the English portion will focus on the Summer Reading Text.  They will also engage in cross-curricular lessons and skills which prepare a student to excel in a wide range of academic subjects.  Students will focus on 'Reading and Writing' college preparatory skills, including developing/discerning point of view, organizing paragraphs, finding and sorting facts, structuring sentences with proper grammar, and building vocabulary.  As a result, students will  have read, reflected upon, and mastered their assigned SJ 9th grade English Summer Reading text.

The Math portion of the SJ Pre-9th program will have a two-fold purpose.  First, depending on the student’s prior knowledge, teachers will develop, solidify, and advance the students' conceptual understanding and skills for the important Pre-Algebra and/or Algebra 1 topics that are essential for success in high school mathematics.  Next, teachers will introduce and develop the students' conceptual understanding and skills for the major Algebra1 and/or Algebra 2 topics that students will encounter in 9th grade.   This will give students a "Leg Up" for their Freshman math class and put them in a much better position for success.  When necessary, teachers will remediate any lessons for students in order for them to achieve mastery.  Likewise, for those students ready for more advanced material, teachers will move them at a challenging pace that allows them to interact with more advanced Algebraic concepts and skills. 

The 4-Week version of the Pre 9th courses allow teachers to go into greater depth with the different topics covered and at a pace that helps each student to achieve mastery.  Likewise, this added time also allows for the possibility of a greater breadth of topics to be covered, developed, and mastered. 

Finally, the teachers' ability to scaffold their lessons will be enhanced by their access to SJ upperclassmen who will be serving as classroom teacher aides.  These SJ peer tutors will not only help students academically, but they will also develop social relationships with them as they become members of the St. John's Brotherhood.  



Wednesday June 22nd - Friday, July 1st (Weekdays from 9AM-12:30PM)
Monday, July 11th - Friday, July 22nd (Weekdays from 9AM-12PM)

St. John’s HS Staff