Ann Shi Explores China with SJ Students

Here at Saint John's, we are blessed with a team of faculty and staff who dedicate themselves to our Pioneers. This could not be more evident than through a member of our World Languages Department, Mrs. Ann Shi, who is currently traveling abroad in China with a group of Pioneers!

Mrs. Shi has been gracious enough to continuously provide written updates (see below) and a series of amazing photos from their travels.


Our day begins with a breakfast buffet of Chinese and American style foods. Then, we are off to the factory where terra cotta soldiers are made. After lunch, we make our way to the actual Terra Cotta soldier museum. Today we will learn KungFu. Today is another busy day.  


We are in Xi’an!

China Trip 2019 is well underway. Our first week has quickly come to an end. The students went to classes at the High School Affiliated With Fudan University. The students had a great time meeting local students and continuing to learn. One student gave an impromptu presentation on the American Civil War, another said he learned some things about our own English language that he was unaware of, others were challenged by the math classes in which they participated. Intermingled with classes and visiting Shanghai, the students saw some of the sights of this expansive city. The old section offers some historical European style buildings while the new section offers buildings so tall they seem to aspire to touch the heavens. One can not forget the delicious foods of China. A variety of Chinese dumplings, seafood, soups, salads, meats, vegetables all added to the culture of this country. One must also mention the superb shopping opportunity to haggle over items people wish to acquire.

Arriving in historical Xi'an today means that as the landscape changes so does the style of foods. To date, everyone is enjoying the culture and sites this country offers. More to come as the adventure of travel continues.