SJMUN Excels at 12th straight Brown University Model U.N. Conference

By Amar Kapoor '21

After G Block on Friday, November 8th, 25 Saint John’s students alongside faculty moderators: Mr. Abdella ’92, Mr. Favulli, and Dr. McClintock, piled into an FTI bus alongside a group of Tahanto students, driving to attend the 23rd annual Brown University’s Model United Nations simulation. 

2019 marked SJMUN’s 12th consecutive year in attendance. This year, Saint John’s delegates participated in a variety of fascinating committees including: Brexit, The 1789 Estates General, Accelerando 2030 (futuristic committee), the UN Climate Change Summit and other more typical UN committees like ECOSOC, UNHCR, WHO. In addition to normally scheduled committee sessions, those participating in the Estates-General were summoned at midnight Saturday for an urgent crisis in France. Afterward, delegates said it was well worth the sleep they sacrificed.

This year six Saint John’s students were recognized by Brown University with awards in their respective committees. These students were: Ansh Patel ’20, Ben Coderre ’20, Tommy Bitar ’20, Ahura Shadfar ’20, Noble Paul ’20, and Amar Kapoor ’21. 

Prior to the official start of the conference, SJMUN went to Cassarino’s for their annual team lunch. This excellent meal marked the official start of the 2019-20 Model U.N. National Conference season as all members attending Brown broke bread together as brothers. Looking ahead to the future, SJMUN now looks to prepare for its 32nd appearance at the University of Chicago’s Model United Nations conference (MUNUC) in early February 2020. 

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