Letter from the Newspaper Editor

Fahad Mohsin '21
From the Editor:

Dear Reader, 

As of the 2020 school year, the newspaper will be experiencing some changes in both content and formatting. With the current pandemic imposing strict health regulations, print newspapers will not be distributed to maintain public health and safety. To ensure that the voice of the students is still heard, The Red and White will be publishing all articles directly onto the school website. 
With the move to an online only format, The Red and White will also be experimenting with new ideas and columns.  For instance, this year will pilot an interview series led by me and Clifford Bellefeuille. We will interview faculty, staff and students about school life and various interesting topics as the year progresses. You can look out for these interviews in the paper and on the school’s social media.

On behalf of the newspaper staff, I would like to welcome you all to another great year here at Saint John’s. If you are an aspiring writer or journalist, I hope you will consider joining us as we write about one of the most interesting years in Saint John’s history.  If not, I hope you will enjoy our content and share it with others inside and outside our community. Finally, I hope we all get to stay together, healthy and in person. 


Fahad Mohsin ‘21