Saint John’s High School Hosts Official World Cube Association Competition

The Saint John's Speedcubing Club is proud to announce that they are hosting the second ever Official World Cube Association Competition on Saturday, April 1, 2023.
Led by Saint John's students Darren Saito '24 and Ryan Saito '26, 100 competitors, ranging in ages from 6 to 50, will compete to be crowned the 2023 Saint John's Cubing Champions. With no age divisions, as well as state record holders and national and continental championship top finishers attending, the competition will be fierce. Registration opened on February 6 at 6:00 PM, but there was no need to have the registration period last so long, as registration was sold out by the end of the night.
Along with Darren and Ryan, we will also see some of our other talented speedcubers compete, such as Dylan Bui '26, Jonathan Trapp '26, and Owen Barrera '25.
"Once again, Darren and Ryan Saito have put in an incredible amount of work to set up this competition for the second year in a row. Saint John's is renowned for its academics and athletics, but this event serves as a testament to the diverse talent on our campus. By showcasing the talents of our students, this competition offers community members a chance to experience the unique culture of our campus firsthand,” says Mr. Peter Smith, Saint John’s Middle School Mathematics Teacher.
The event will be open to all spectators on Saturday, April 1st in Salem Student Commons from 8:30AM-6:00PM. We are excited to welcome and bring back speedcubers from all over the Northeast to the Saint John's campus!