Saint John's Hosts 36TH Annual Model UN Conference

Saint John’s Recognized for Student Success in Advanced Placement Program while Broadening Access

Saint John’s proudly announces the successful conclusion of Saint John’s Model United Nations Conference (SJMUNC). Held this past Saturday, October 14, the conference brought together budding young diplomats, leaders, and scholars to engage in constructive dialogue, problem-solving, and diplomacy. SJMUNC 2023 saw participation from over 365 students from 22 schools, including students representing various countries around the globe and historical figures throughout the passage of time. This exceptional conference showcased the dedication and enthusiasm of young minds to engage in global affairs, foster diplomacy, and address the worlds most pressing issues.

Highlights of SJMUNC 2023 included diverse committees with unique expressive debate on topics such as international security, human rights, environmental sustainability, and economic development, with both cunning edge facts and riveting diction. Some committees such as the JCC: Partition of India, took a unique route in their committee as they combined rooms and had an eventful ending. 

SJMUNC 2023 serves as a testament to the importance of fostering global diplomacy and leadership skills in our youth. Phrased perfectly in the awe-inspiring speech by SJMUNC President Chase Rule, “The only time we are guaranteed is the present. Understanding what we did wrong in the past, then deciding where to go next. Those
precious decisions are based on how you argue, who you meet, and what you learn.” Breakfast and lunch were provided by Garden Fresh, owned by Dean Stamoulis ‘89, and we were joined by Dr. Nick Argento ‘79 of B.C. High’s MUN and Aarush Sheth ‘22, so there were SJ alumni all over this successful event.

Saint John’s extends its heartfelt appreciation to all participants, advisors, sponsors, and volunteers who made SJMUNC 2023 a remarkable success. Special recognition goes to Secretaries-General Chase Rule ‘24 and Andrew Yacoub ‘24, as well as faculty moderators, Mr. Chuck Abdella ‘92, Dr. Russ McClintock P ‘25, and Mr. Ben Lizotte ‘89. The event would not have been possible without their unwavering support and commitment to fostering the next generation of global leaders. We are proud of the delegates’ dedication, passion, and thoughtful engagement with the complex issues facing the world. Through their efforts, we are confident that they will play a pivotal role in shaping a better future for our global community. 

As SJMUNC XXXVI comes to an end, our season has just begun. SJMUN asks for all visiting schools to come back and discuss and act more on global policy, and invites new schools as well. SJ Model UN’s next major event is our participation in Brown University’s Simulation of the United Nations, from November 10-12. Follow us on Twitter/X (@SJMUN) or on Instagram (saintjohnsmun).