Wrestle Off Policy

Coach DeNorscia
Please use this guideline in order to gain a better understanding of our Varsity Wrestle Off process   
Saint John’s Wrestling 2015 - 2016
Wrestle Off Policy:
  1. Wrestle off’s will be conducted every Monday (or as determined by the coaching staff)
  2. Wrestle off’s will take place, in most cases, following warm ups and starting at the 106 lb class.
  3. You must be present to wrestle off unless you have prior approval from Coach
  4. You must be within REASONABLE striking distance of the desired weight class. Coach’s discretion as to the definition of reasonable. However, within 3% would be a good guideline. For instance: If you want to wrestle off for 152, you need to weigh no more than 156.5 or 106 you would need to weigh no more than 109.25. Again this is a guideline. Please ask coach if you’re not sure  
  5. In most cases, if the winner of the wrestle off does not make weight for any of that week’s matches, he will not be “bumped” to the higher weight class.
  6. All wrestle off’s will be subject to the Head Coach’s final approval.