15th Annual Service Day

275 students, parents, and other participants worked at sites across Central Mass.

On a cold and rainy Saturday in May, the Saint John's community was out in full force for the fifteenth annual day of service.

Groups of Pioneers, from the Baseball team to parents of current students, traveled to ten local community service sites, including:

  • Community Harvest Project
  • Holy Name of Jesus House of Studies
  • Indian Lake Watershed Association
  • Refugee Apostolate
  • Regional Environmental Council
  • Sherwood Middle School
  • Treasure Valley
  • Worcester Rehab and Health
  • You, Inc.
  • YWCA of Central Massachusetts
Senior Michael Sarkis started the day off with a reflection, reminding the hundreds gathered that there is "a very unique community here at Saint John’s. A community that truly values service. As you have probably heard before Saint John’s doesn’t have a service requirement for graduation like most schools because we don’t need one. As a whole at Saint John’s we recognize that there are people and communities around the world and in our own back yards that need assistance.

"Today we have groups helping out at lot of different places. Ranging from the farms at the Community Harvest Project to the building at Worcester rehabilitation and health. We will all be doing different tasks throughout the day. The most important thing to see is that we are all making a difference.

"It is difficult sometimes to realize how you can really make a difference with just a few hours, but think about us as a whole... Remember that we are part of something bigger."

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and dedication made Service Day 2016 a success!

Campus Ministry offers service opportunities for all students throughout the school year, from weekly tutoring to annual service trips within the Saint John's community and around the world. Learn more about our service offerings!

15th Annual Service Day