SJGE returns to Haiti

Global Encounter '16 brought Pioneers back to this favorite service site.

Shortly after school wrapped up this summer, Saint John’s students, graduates, and teachers packed their bags as SJ Global Encounter returned to Grand Goâve, Haiti and Be Like Brit for the fourth year.

Since Be Like Brit opened up its orphanage for the children of Haiti in 2013, Pioneers have flocked to the organization, constructing buildings, putting up homes, and - most importantly - getting to know the people of the community. Haiti is the most impoverished country in the Western hemisphere, and after an earthquake in January 2010 decimated much of the nation, the global community has banded together to help the Haitians rebuild and start anew.

The Be Like Brit organization was founded on those principles. The Gengels, a Central Massachusetts family, established BLB to honor the memory of their daughter Britney who passed away in the earthquake while serving the people of Haiti. Her family was inspired by Brit’s work and dedication to the children she met in Haiti, and immediately began work on establishing the orphanage that now houses and educates 66 children. Saint John’s High School has had a long relationship with the Gengel family and BLB, and SJGE ’13 was the first group of volunteer “Britsionaries” to work with the first children to arrive at the orphanage.

The week in June was spent with the children and staff of BLB in addition to people from Grand Goâve. The group worked, played, sang, and danced with the children of BLB in an unforgettable week of service and community.

John Aube, Jiacomo Beckman, James Desmond, Matt Franzoso, Adam French, Tom Goddard, Michael Joe, Joe Laursen, Nathaniel Madigan, Jared Magsino, Peter Monahan, Joe Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Chris Nelson, Reno Nolli, Mitchell Owen, Michael Parente, Joe Rezuke, Brad Sampson, Justin Storer, Nick Tagg, Joe Wall, and Sean Waters were joined by teachers Steve Davis '90, Brian Foley '69, and Michael Foley '07.

You can find all pictures from SJGE: Haiti 2016 on Flickr.

2016 Global Encounter: Haiti

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