"Little Shop" performs for sold-out audiences

The first production of the school year brought humor and horror to the stage.

Based on a 1950s B-movie, Little Shop of Horrors chronicles the story of a man-eating plant on its quest for world domination. Full of catchy tunes and camp, while raising questions of morality and ambition, this musical entertained three nights of audiences. The two weekend performances were sold-out shows in the new theater! 

Little Shop of Horrors premiered on Thursday, November 3 and ran through Saturday the 5th in the Robert R. Jay Performing Arts Center. Prior to the Thursday show, Saint John’s own Spanish teacher and florist extraordinaire, Mr. Al DeLuca, presented an exotic floral arranging demonstration on stage. 

Every year, the Saint John's Drama Club puts on several shows for the community in one of several performance spaces on campus. Many talented students have the opportunnity to audition and perform at three major productions throughout the school year, or become involved with set design, audio production, or directing.

More in the Arts

Learn more about theatre and the arts at Saint John's High School. Stay tuned for many other arts events throughout the year, including the winter drama production of Twelve Angry Men, which will run in the Robert R. Jay Performing Arts Center from February 9 - 11, 2016.

The Talented Cast

Narrator: Mitchel Hurley
Seymour: Connor Magnacca
Audrey: Brianna Clarke
Mushnik: Dan Murphy
Orin: Nick Sweeney
Chiffon: Maggie Clark
Crystal: Erin Matozel
Ronnette: Katherine Plutnicki
Audrey I/Bum: Hal Knowlton
Puppeteer: Brian White
Customer #1: Edmund Burke
Customer #2: Sophia Kostiw
Customer #3: Delanie Burke
Workmen: Alec Mulcahy, Max Xavier
Cleaners: Maria LeDoux, Caroline Morgan
Nurse: Michelle Fraser
Radio Interviewer/Bum: Anthony DeNorscia
Skip Snip: Patrick Bartosiewicz
Mr. Bernstein: Malcolm Patel
Mrs. Luce/Bag Lady: Lizzy Loomis
Martin: Anthony Drapos
Martin’s Assistants: Spencer Murphy
Urchins (extended girls): Kate Herlihy, Kaci Kneeland, Jenn Piekarz
On-Lookers: Zach Boisvert, George Fosberry, Maggie Keene, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Aya Khoury, Kelsey Sideman, Molly Zarriello, Katelyn Zeyger

The Crew

Stage Managers: Zach Flowers, A.J. Claiborne, Andrew McNeal
Lighting Board Operator: Kenton Duprey
Prop Master: Nolan Rolli
Follow Spot: Eric Ring, Jason Kauper, Charles Poku-Mensah III, Brad Simonelli
Sound: Christopher Duff
Costume/Hair/Make-up: Brian Hammerstrom
Stage Crew: Brandon Phan, Ryan Kauper, Daniel Fam, Brendan Padula

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