Community engages in conversation on faith and families

Professor Thomas Groome opened a dialogue with students, families, faculty, and alumni about faith in today's society at the Abdella Center for Ethics

The 14th Abdella Center for Ethics lecture on November 10, 2016 brought an overflow audience to the Jay Theater. Boston College professor and theologian Dr. Groome's captivating presence and thoughtful explorations encouraged audience involvement and an engaging Q&A with students. 

With the topic of this program as "handing on the faith," the professor dove into the importance of ethical formation in faith through the lens of the Catholic tradition. His engaging and humorous demeanor allowed the nearly 400 gathered in the standing-room-only audience to explore dialogues on their own faith traditions at various points in the evening. 

"Families have to be intentional about sowing the seeds of faith," in practices large and small, according to Groome. And while there are many crucial aspects and traditions of that faith, he challenged the audience to discover the heart of their faith, embrace it, and convey it outward.

Students ended the program with thought-provoking questions. Freshman Komlavi Touglo, sophomore Andrew Fraser, junior Michael Baltas, and junior Pedro Viana covered everything from how technology impacts spiritual lives of families to bringing faith into election decisions to what Professor Groome sees as the future of the priesthood. 
Since 2003, the Abdella Center for Ethics has become a unique avenue through which students can grow in mind and spirit. Judge Charles Abdella '60 has supported this program which has brought enlightening conversations to the Saint John's community. From faith discussions to political discourse, from morality to diplomacy, the Abdella Center opens relevant topics for alumni, families, and especially students to explore together. 

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Prof. Thomas Groome - 14th Abdella Center for Ethics