2016 Ryken Award

Congratulations to Ryken Award winner Steve Stinson, who has blessed Saint John's with his humility and talent for 37 years.

What started off as a temporary job to "get through the winter" turned into a lifelong relationship for Grounds Mananger Steve Stinson. For nearly four decades, Steve has dedicated his time, talent, and heart to making Saint John's High School beautiful, safe, and sustainable.

He can be found from the early hours of the morning until long after cars and buses have gone home for the day - hard at work around the campus mowing fields, designing patios, and making the many pathways safe for students in the winter.

Every year the faculty and staff nominate a member of the faculty or staff who has devoted time, talent, and passion to Saint John’s while exemplifying Xaverian values like compassion and humility in his or her daily work.

The Theodore James Ryken Award is bestowed every Founder’s Day - the feast of St. Francis Xavier - by each Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School upon a member of its faculty or staff who strives to live out the cornerstones of the Xaverian philosophy, to participate in the school’s community of faith and nurture members of its community. The Ryken Award is the most prestigious honor granted to a member of the faculty or staff each year who participates in the school’s faith community, is committed to fostering the intellectual, moral, and creative growth of all students, and fulfills the Gospel call to peace and justice.

Saint John's celebrated the Feast of St. Francis Xavier on Friday, December 2, 2016, along with the twelve other XBSS schools in the United States, and with all Xaverian Brothers Sponsored schools in Kenya and Congo.

Reverend Willie Garcia-Tunon, SJ - longtime friend of Headmaster Alex Zequeira - flew to Saint John's from Miami to celebrate the Mass. He educated the gym full of students, faculty, and staff on the centuries-long ties between Xaverian and Jesuit spiritualities and challenged all to uncover the perspective to find grace and God in every moment - even those common, ordinary, unspectacular moments of everyday life. Rev. Jose Rodriguez and Msgr. Michael Rose '73 concelebrated.

Find photos of the Mass taken by talented student photographers!

2016 Founder's Day Mass