Students share stories at Advent Prayer Service

Before embarking on Christmas break, the school gathered to listen and reflect on the gifts of the season.

The Advent Prayer Service is a music-filled one, with performances from the Saint John's Band, Choir, and students and staff. 

The four weeks of advent have allowed the school to reflect on how themes of preparation, peace, love, and generosity are manifested in our own lives. Students offered moving personal stories on how those values have played out in their lives. Senior Gus Giblin shared a powerful reflection on finding the strength to live a life of preparation and hope in the face of suffering and adversity that moved his 1,000 peers to a standing ovation. Ben Burns, also a senior, bravely told the story of his own progression from single-minded overachievement to living a life for others, with relationships at the center, in exploring the them of conversion and peace. Talented and captivating musicians Chris DeWolfe, Spencer Holmes, and James Sullivan had the entire Coaches Pavilion enthusiatically repeating the sounding joy with their unique rendition of Joy to the World. Senior Joe Rezuke discussed the centrality of charity to his family and how sacrifice for the good of others through regular service, from daily acts of generosity to his Global Encounter trips, has formed him as a person. 

Aime Neville of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Main South and Rob Chare of the South Worcester Neighborhood Association stopped by the school to collect the many gift donations gathered by the Saint John’s community this month, thanking the SJ community for the many generous donations of gifts that will go to 1,000 children in the area this Christmas.

Xaverian Value Awards

During the Advent Prayer Service, five students were nominated by their peers for Xaverian Value Awards, which recognize students who exemplify the five core values that make up the Xaverian charism. 

Congratulations to seniors Shawn Yeboah, Khamal Saunders, Chris DeWolfe, Jack Fields and Kevin Sager, who were honored with the 2016 Xaverian Values Awards. Their peers and teachers nominated them for this honor for bringing their uniquely manifested gifts of zeal, humility, simplicity, compassion, and trust - five aspects of the Xaverian charism and values - to the school community. Their contributions, talents, friendships, and character are inspiring for their classmates and the greater community every single day.

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Advent Prayer Service 2016