What is Pioneers Care?

Pioneers Care is a special fund that will be available to assist students from families who experience mid-year financial difficulties (loss of job, illness in family, loss of parent, etc.). Pioneers Care will be there no matter what curve balls life throws us. 

There are programs that are integral to a Saint John’s education but come at an additional cost beyond what tuition covers. For example, Global Encounter trips, retreats, Model UN conferences, the Young Writers Conference, and more all require sacrifices from students and families. All Saint John’s students should be able to experience these transformational programs and Pioneers Care is there to make sure they are able to. 
Whether it is a student needing assistance to participate in an immersion trip with the world language program, a sophomore looking for additional resources to afford a text book, or an  athlete on the track team who simply can’t afford to purchase a pair of running sneakers, Pioneers Care ensures that all students, no matter their socioeconomic background, feels a part of and included in all that Saint John’s has to offer its students.