Middle School

The Brother Robert Treanor, C.F.X. Middle School Division

The Brother Robert Treanor, C.F.X. Middle School Division at Saint John’s High School will offer a unique opportunity for boys in grades seven and eight to grow into young men of academic and moral excellence in the Xaverian tradition that has served the community for more than a century.

The curriculum of the Br. Robert Division is being carefully researched and designed as a comprehensive academic experience that will prepare its students well for the rigors of the current high school program. Students at the middle school level can expect to receive a thorough educational experience in each of the curriculum areas available to high school students. A dedicated middle school staff will provide the individual attention and skill development that students need to be fully prepared for their high school experience. Graduates of the Br. Robert Division will be well-poised for success as they transition to the proven
college preparatory curriculum of the high school.

In keeping with the school’s tradition of focusing on the education of the whole person, students will also have the opportunity to develop their talents spiritually, socially, physically, creatively, and aesthetically in addition to intellectually. Extracurricular offerings will enable students to grow as well-rounded individuals and as members of a larger community.

Every aspect of the Br. Robert Division will share in the rich tradition of the mission of Saint John’s that has a proven record of success among its graduates: the Xaverian mission to bring the spirit of Christ to life through a rigorous curriculum delivered in an atmosphere that promotes respect, compassion, and humility. Through this mission, students will now have a six-year opportunity to excel academically while developing a deep relationship with God as well as a profound sense of brotherhood that will last a lifetime.


For those interested in learning more about the application process for Middle School at Saint John's, our Admissions Department kindly requests you follow these simple instructions to begin the process. By inquiring, we will keep you updated as new information becomes available for seventh grade admission in 2020.

Again, Middle School at Saint John's will begin in the fall of 2020 with a seventh grade program. Beginning fall of 2021, both seventh and eighth grade programs will be accepting applications.

Click here for more information on the Middle School Admissions process. If you have further questions, please contact Mr. Justin Smith, Director of Admissions, via e-mail or at (508) 842-8934 ext. 230.