Player Information

Program Rules

The most important concept in our program is the team. No player or coach is more important than the team. All actions and decisions will be considered with respect to the effect on our team. The players and coaches must make personal sacrifices for the good of the team. If the sacrifices are too great, the player or coach should leave the team.

Being part of a team means you must give up part of your individuality by adhering to the following:
Develop yourself as a student, first and foremost.

The coaching staff has high expectations of you as a young man, student and athlete. Set high expectations for yourself and live up to them.

Never get involved in a situation that will cause embarrassment to yourself, your teammates, your family, your coaches or your school.

Saint John’s code of conduct regulations and MIAA regulations will be strictly adhered to.

Be prompt for all meetings and practices.

Adhere to the Saint John’s dress code at all times. No bandanas, skull caps, excessive eye black, etc.

All equipment will be checked out according to player’s number. Each player is personally responsible for the equipment checked out to him. Your failure to return equipment deprives someone else the opportunity to participate in our football program.

Hazing of any kind will not be tolerated. Hazing is contrary to everything Saint John’s represents – Christianity, community, compassion, commitment to one another. Our success will depend on our ability to come together as a football family.

Each player will dress in full gear unless excused by Coach Andreoli or the athletic trainers. Injured players are expected to be at practice and remain with their positional group.

Game Conduct

All the hard work and effort of practice and preparation is put forth for one primary objective, the game. We expect to win, but more importantly we expect to play to our maximum ability each week.


Our pre-game drills set the tone for the game. We expect to have an organized, enthusiastic pre-game.
Never lose your poise.
Show respect to the officials, refer to them as “Sir” or “Mr.”
Do not talk to your opponent in a derogatory manner.
Encourage your teammates – help them up. Never blame anyone individually – we win and we lose as a team.
Never come off the field unless someone comes in for you and tells you that you’re out.
Always play with enthusiasm.
Never walk on or off the field – always run.
Keep your helmet on at all times when on the playing field.
Show class when we score. Act like you’ve been in the end zone before – and expect to return many times thereafter.
At the end of the game, head for the middle of the field and congratulate your opponents on a well-played game.
What we expect from you
Commit yourself to obtain the best education possible
Give 110% effort all the time, every time
Be an ambassador of Saint John’s High School at all times
Respect your teammates
Be honest in all your dealings
Be loyal to your school, teammates, coaches, family and friends
Be on time for all meetings and practices
Take every opportunity to praise 

What you can expect from us:

To work you harder than you’ve ever worked before
To assist you in any way possible now and after your graduate
To make all decisions based on what’s best for the team, then what’s best for the individual.
To help you reach your goals