The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools is a network of Roman Catholic secondary schools who share a common mission and a similar governance structure. Most of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools trace their origin directly to the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier (Xaverian Brothers) and its mission of evangelization through the ministry of education. Other XBSS schools have come to embrace the Xaverian governance model and mission after a history of association with other religious congregations or dioceses. Each school, however, has its own particular identity, history and tradition and incarnates its mission in unique ways. 

The eleven schools currently include over 13,000 students and their families, 1,000 faculty, staff and administrators and 300 trustees.

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  • Foundation

    The mission of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools flows directly from the mission of the Congregation of the Xaverian Brothers which is:
    to serve the Church in its work of evangelization,
    particularly through the Church's ministry of education.
    Constitutions of the Brothers of Saint Francis Xavier

    The vision of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School has its origin in the charism of the Brothers of Saint Francis Xavier. This charism, the founding impulse of the Congregation, is a gift received by the Founder, handed on and developed throughout the history and lived experience of the Brothers, and further enriched and enlivened by the giftedness of those who collaborate in Xaverian Sponsored education. Together, the Xaverian Brothers and those who collaborate with them in their educational ministry serve as stewards for the Xaverian charism.

    Calls, Goals and Criteria
    In order to discern the Holy Spirit's call for the Congregation, the Xaverian Brothers periodically convene a General Chapter, the principal legislative and policy-making body of the Congregation. During this assembly, the Brothers prayerfully reflect on the developments and ever-changing needs of the Church and the world in order to decide how they, inspired by the Founder's charism, may best serve the Church's mission of evangelization. The Founder's charism is, thus, seen as a dynamic force in the life of the Brothers urging them to respond and adapt to the needs of the times.
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  • Theodore James Ryken

    Theodore James Ryken, the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, was born August 30, 1797 in the little village of Elshout, North Brabant, Holland, of middle class parents whose ardent Catholicity is the only thing that is now known of them. Left an orphan by the early death of both father and mother, Theodore was reared by a saintly uncle who stamped deeply upon the boy's character those qualities of faith, zeal for souls and devotion to duty that were prominently associated with his later life.
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  • Xaverian Schools

    St. Xavier High School
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Malden Catholic High School
    Malden, Massachusetts
    Xaverian Brother’s High School
    Westwood, Massachusetts
    St. Mary’s Ryken High School
    Leonardtown, Maryland
    Xavier High School
    Middletown, Connecticut
    St. Francis Xavier Institute
    Brugge, Belgium  
    St. John’s Preparatory School
    Danvers, Massachusetts
    Xaverian College
    Manchester, England
    St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College
    London, England
    St. Bernard’s Institute
    Knokke, Belgium
    Mount St. Joseph High School
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Xaverian High School
    Brooklyn, New York
    Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
    Wheaton, Maryland
    Nazareth Regional High School
    Brooklyn, New York