General Information

Cross Country is a Fall sport.  There is a freshmen, JV and Varsity team.  All teams practice together. 
There are two types of competitions (meets) in Cross Country: dual meets, a meet between two teams, and an invitational, races among many teams. The District and State meets are in the invitational category. In a dual meet there are three possibilities:

1. One race with no limits on the number of runners.
2. Two races - one varsity (12 runners max. per team), and one JV (non-varsity) or one freshman and one non-freshman (no limit).
3. Three races - one varsity (12 max.), one JV (no limit) and one freshman (no limit).
In an invitational there is usually a Varsity race (7 max.), a JV race that has no limit on runners, and a freshman race that has no limit on runners. At districts and states, ten runners are eligible to compete, but a maximum of 7 can actually run.

We practice every week day.

Please meet on the field near Main Street at the upper entrance to the school.

Each runner needs:

1) a relatively-new pair of training shoes for running, not racing shoes nor cross-training shoes;

2) a wristwatch with a stopwatch;

3) a medical form on file with the school.

Practice goes from 2:30 to 4:30, plus strength & conditioning work 2-3 times per week.

Team members must purchase a uniform from the school,.

Student cannot practice without these forms completed:

1. Physician/Parental Physical Form - Updated form must be on file with the School Nurse

2. Pre-Concussion Information Forms - Give a copy to the coach

3. MIAA Required Concussion Course - Give a copy to the coach