Q1 Interim Grades Posted

The Student/Parent portal is now open for you to view your student's Interim 1 grade report.  You will find the Interim listed underneath the "Progress" tab on your student's page.
Please note that Interim grades are calculated based on your student's work up to the "mid point" in the quarter.  Interim grades are not part of a student's permanent record (i.e., Interim grades are not calculated into a students GPA, not included on a transcript, etc.); rather, the Interim reflects your student's progress in his classes midway through the First Quarter.  Interim grades do affect a student's eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities.
The end of the First Quarter is Friday, November 2nd.
We encourage you to contact your student's teachers for immediate questions about his grade, and/or his school counselor and assistant principal for academics for larger academic issues your son is facing.

If you need help logging into the portal, please contact Jane Harrington at jharrington@stjohnshigh.or